Saturday, 16 April 2011

Apr12.102/365 to Apr15.105/365

I was away working in Holland from the 12th to 15th so here are the pink pictures I amazingly managed to take in perhaps the least pink place I've ever spent time in!


Desperate measures here!  This was the rather conveniently positioned pink tea-light holder on the bar where we downed several large drinks to help us get over the first day of very intense work.


I was almost run over by a cluster of mopeds as I took this shot.  I was aiming for the cliche of the cherry blossom tree when a tram zoomed past.  This shot was far more interesting than another blossom picture.

The was the rather bizarre decor in the bar of the Grand Winston Hotel where we were staying.  It's certainly pink, but during the evening the colour ways changed quite dramatically ending on a scary blue and green design.  Very nice after a couple of large G&Ts!


This was on the last day of our Holland trip and was taken from the top floor of the office where we took our precious photographs and interviews to be backed up to the office network.  This fabulous building was opposite - it looked empty to me.  I loved the colours and the lines.  The pink is the vertical which stands out so well against the green and yellow.

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